Getting the Deal Through: Cybersecurity 2018

February 13, 2018

The Philippine chapter of the Getting the Deal Through: Cybersecurity 2018 was contributed by SyCipLaw partner Rose Marie M. King-Dominguez, with support from senior associate Ruben P. Acebedo II. The chapter provides answers to key questions on the legal framework, best practice, enforcement, threat detection and reporting, and update and trends.

Download a copy of the Philippine chapter of the Getting the Deal Through: Cybersecurity 2018.

Rose Marie M. King-Dominguez specializes in telecommunications, media and technology, investments, M&A, and business law. She counsels clients in various industries on privacy and data protection issues (e.g., employee data policies, BYOD, cloud regulation, use of data in customer agreements, and privacy policies on sites). She also has an extensive M&A experience in various industries including telecoms, retail, hospital business, and logistics.

Ruben P. Acebedo II’s practice areas include technology, media and telecommunications; litigation and arbitration; employment and immigration; and corporate services. He advises on investments in the TMT sector, nationality restrictions, data privacy and interception, importation of equipment, immigration, and licensing and regulations on different communications services, facilities and equipment.