ALB: “Health is Wealth”

December 29, 2017

The Asian Legal Business December 2017 issue includes a regional update contributed by SyCipLaw partner Russel L. Rodriguez and senior associate Joanna Marie O. Joson entitled “Health is Wealth”. The article gives a general overview on the guidelines issued by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to address the safety and health issues of workers who, by the nature of their work, have to stand or sit for long periods.

View the regional update online through the ALB Flipbook.

Russel L. Rodriguez specializes in civil and commercial litigation. He has handled and tried a broad range of cases involving contract disputes, corporate restructuring and rehabilitation, infrastructure and engineering disputes, intra-corporate controversies, labor disputes and insurance claims. He also has extensive experience in immigration and deportation cases, insurance law, labor and employment law, and criminal litigation, both as a private prosecutor and as defense counsel.

Joanna Marie O. Joson has worked in several labor-litigation cases for business process outsourcing, maritime and manufacturing companies involving illegal dismissal, certification election, and money claims. She has also rendered advice on employment issues in corporate reorganizations.

ALB’s December 2017 issue also contains the coverage of the ALB Philippine Law Awards 2017 in which the firm received the Philippine Law Firm of the Year, Arbitration Law Firm of the Year, Banking and Financial Services Law Firm, and Construction and Real Estate Law Firm of the Year. SyCipLaw partner Emmanuel M. Lombos was also named Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year. The coverage is on page 36.