Wise Words and Cocktails: SyCipLaw Welcomes New Hires

The SyCipLaw Training Committee kicked off the 2020 training program for the firm’s legal assistants with welcome cocktails on January 6, 2020. Special guest speaker was the dean of the Ateneo Law School and SyCipLaw alumnus Joey Hofilena. He exhorted the new batch of graduates to “use [their] power and authority as a lawyer to ensure that our system is truly one of laws and not of men,” and encouraged them to perform their “ethical obligation to make certain that even as your clients pay your fees, your clients do and claim only what they are allowed to by law and not otherwise.” Dean Hofilena’s talk is also the first installment of SyCiplawTalks, a series of talks about the law and its impact on society, organized as part of the firm’s 75th anniversary celebration.