SyCipLaw Associate’s Antitrust Essay Tops PCC Writing Competition

Arvin Kristopher Razon – an associate of SyCipLaw currently on study leave at the Melbourne Law School in Australia – recently won an essay writing competition sponsored by the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC). The PCC is the Philippine government body mandated to administer the country’s principal antitrust statute, the Philippine Competition Act. The writing competition’s theme was to determine how technological disruptions could provide opportunities for small market players and the risks that these disruptions could pose to market competition.

Arvin Razon’s essay entitled, “Technological Disruption and Innovation: Providing Opportunities for Market Players and Novel Challenges to Competition Authorities,” delved into how disruptive innovation benefits competition by allowing start-ups to "fly under the radar" and by giving small businesses a means to expand their customer base.

Arvin is a member of the SyCipLaw’s Special Projects, Banking, Finance & Securities, and Arbitration & Litigation practice groups. He specializes in TMT matters and Philippine data privacy issues.