Job Categories




Immigration Assistant

  1.  Prepares daily itinerary of Immigration paralegals;
  2.  Provides assistance in hearings specifically with the documentation, meetings and coordination with clients and lawyers;
  3.  Addresses client's inquires and following-up of documents with clients personally or via phone/email;
  4.  Notifies/reminds clients of expiration dates of tourist visas, Special Work permits and Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-Card);
  5.  Coordinates with clients of stamping of approved visas and processing of the issuance/re-issuance of ACR I-card;
  6.  Assists clients in the preparation of affidavits for visa revalidation or visa downgrading;
  7.  Notarization and compilation of application documents;
  8.  Send timely updates to clients via email of the approved permit and visa applications;
  9.  Preparation of the covering letters of SyCip to the pertinent government agencies;
  10.  Assists over-the-phone client queries regarding immigration related matter;
  11.  Assist in following-up request for deposit for some clients;
  12.  Handles safekeeping and release of passports and other original documents;
  13.  Handles safekeeping of Immigration petty cash box;
  14.  Preparation of cash advance/reimbursement forms for the liquidation of government expenses;
  15.  Perform other jobs in the department that may be assigned.

  •  Candidate must be a graduate of any 4-year course.
  •  Relevant experience is an advantage, but not a must.