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Docket Assistant

  1.  Receive documents from the other units through the Document Tracking System (DTS) and update the same through various docketing systems;
  2.  Generate and print DTS receipt reports for release;
  3.  Prepare reminders and e-mail for transmission to lawyers;
  4.  Summarize contents of documents (pleadings and court notices) for proper action;
  5.  Record data (cases, pleadings, internal documents and New Business Matter) in the DocketWare System and Archive One System;
  6.  Assist in the application of associates for Notarial Commission;
  7.  Address requests and queries of lawyers;
  8.  Assist in the preparation of various docket section reports; and
  9.  Perform other tasks that may be assigned.

  •  Candidate must be a graduate of any 4-year course (preferably Information/Records Management) or any related business course.
  •  Experience in handling docket-related work/managing digital records; or experience in a law firm, an advantage.