Job Categories





  1.  Answer, screen, and refer phone calls to party concerned, make outgoing calls for superiors
  2.  Receive and sort incoming mails, referring to superiors those requiring attention
  3.  Route or deliver (if necessary) outgoing mails, communications, reports, and other materials, and return borrowed records
  4.  Arrange and keep appointment and hearing schedules and due dates for filing in court and remind superiors of these attends to changes in schedules as necessary and as required
  5.  Assist in preparing reports and correspondences such as notices/agenda/minutes of meetings, certificates, affidavits, letters, motions for extension, annexes/exhibits to pleadings
  6.  Scan documents for attachment to e-mail to be sent out by superiors
  7.  Take dictation and transcribe shorthand notes
  8.  Provide complete and accurate information on all forms that are submitted to units/departments for processing
  9.  Facilitate processing and payment of phone bills by tracking calls, providing all required information for calls made by their respective lawyer-bosses
  10.  Coordinate with Administrative Assistants on billings and account receivables
  11.  Make reservations for venue/equipment and prepare other requirements (sufficient printed copies, etc.) for meetings
  12.  For partners’ secretaries:
    1.  Perform billing and billing-related functions
    2.  Submit bill/reimbursements for payment to the Accounting Manager for processing
    3.  Maintain information and documents for regular use: IBP no., PTR, CTC, Roll no., MCLE no., CPA accreditation no. and other personal information (plate no., insurance policy dates, and the like)

  •  Candidate must be a graduate of Office Administration, secretarial or any business course
  •  Preferably with 1 year of related work experience