Job Categories




Corporate Communications Assistant


Content Development:

  1.  Coordinates content creation and updating for publications, website and channels;
  2.  Creates and designs promotional materials according to given guidelines;
  3.  Assists in conducting research for proposals and reports;
  4.  Liaises with external providers for proposals, design and production of communication resources;
  5.  Drafts media releases, company announcements and other communications, as needed;

Publication Coordination:

  1.  Acts as project coordinator for publications including processing;
  2.  Monitors and maintains media releases related to the Firm, in coordination with the Library;
  3.  Assists with inquiries and requests.

Website and Channels:

  1.  Manages the Corporate Communications inbox;
  2.  Coordinates and maintains web content, including social media channels and affiliate websites;
  3.  Monitors website and channels, tracks, reports and statistics;
  4.  Writes online posts and does basic editing of images, as required.

Database and Inventory:

  1.  Manages databases of key stakeholders;
  2.  Maintains inventory of the firm’s knowledge resources (both electronic and in print), and photography archive;
  3.  Maintains and archives office documents and activities.

  •  Candidate must be a graduate of Business, Communication or Information Technology-related course, preferably Business Management, Marketing Management, and Computer Applications
  •  Applicants with 1-2 years of communication-related work experience is preferred
  •  Candidate must possess the following:
    •  Knowledge in research, proposal writing and publications
    •  Background in digital communication (web publishing, web maintenance and content management systems)
    •  Exemplary skills with computers specifically with word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, photo editing, layout and others
    •  Very good written and verbal communication skills
    •  Good interpersonal skill