Job Categories




Assistant Supervisor: Procurement and Inventory



  1.  Prepare and ensure completeness of procurement documents; submit for checking and notation of immediate supervisor and approval by designated authorit
  2.  Ensure that all submitted procurement documents are properly processed according to schedule
  3.  Acts as liaison on filed procurement items from end-to-end transactions, coordination, processing, follow-ups and communication
  4.  Consult on technical matters and provide feedback/update communication to respective requesting team and immediate supervisor on the procurement status
  5.  Coordinate with accounting regarding payables in order to assure prompt and accurate payment to suppliers
  6.  Ensure the proper recording to database and reporting systems of procurement status and submission of the same to immediate supervisor
  7.  Recommend to the immediate supervisor on decision-making, issues and concerns, and other matters that need immediate action.


  1.  Oversee the receipt and inspection of purchased items; follow up and resolve discrepancies, warranty issues, prior to distribution of merchandise to appropriate individuals
  2.  Manage the warranty and claims process for equipment, vehicles, credits/replacements, returns, and back-ordered items by contacting appropriate supplier; advise supervisor of necessary payments upon receipt or other arranged procedures
  3.  Ensure that all personnel with equipment are issued accountability forms and logged to the database system. Ensure that all equipment are checked and prepared before deployment
  4.  Ensure and manage merchandise (equipment, furniture, supplies) inventory by updating and maintaining the inventory master list and submission of updated report to immediate supervisor
  5.  Conduct regular physical inventory, annual on-site inventory, prepare inventory listings to include the location and status of all equipment
  6.  Ensure documents are complete, current and stored appropriately
  7.  Maintain proper aesthetics and orderliness of the facilities

Administrative Support Functions

  1.  Assist in coordinating and analyzing unit operating practices, such as recordkeeping systems, forms control, office layout, suggestion systems and performance standards to create new systems or revise established procedures
  2.  Assist in studying management methods in order to improve workflow, simply reporting procedures, implement cost reductions, improving work measurements or performance standards
  3.  Coordinate collection and preparation of operating reports, such as, budget expenditures, time-and-attendance records, statistical records of performance data and recommendations for solution of administrative problems
  4.  Assist in preparation of budget needs and annual reports, as may be required

  •  Candidate must be a graduate of a Bachelor’s degree in Business or Accounting
  •  With at least 3 years of experience in procurement, finance or related field
  •  Candidate must possess the following:
    •  Outstanding communication and negotiation skills
    •  Sound supervisory skills
    •  Basic to advance accounting skills
    •  Very good interpersonal skills
    •  Basic skills in MS Word and PowerPoint
    •  Adept skills in MS Excel